We’ve gathered all of our book club member’s suggestions in one big poll for you to vote on. This means we have  10 options for the summer! To make voting a little easier, you are allowed to vote on your top 3. We’ll close the poll next week Friday and we’ll bring the three books with the most votes to our book club meeting for anyone present to vote on as a final say. Whatever series wins out then, gets the prize of buttons!

Usually we have a pretty long description of each book, but doing that 10 times seemed a little excessive. So instead we’ll have 1 sentence descriptions and links to Goodreads. If we missed any options, please let us know so we can add them still. Happy voting and we can’t wait to see what you pick!

Uglies – Scott Westerfeld: A society where everyone’s surgically made pretty at 16 must have a dark side.

Chaos Walking – Patrick Ness: A boy and his dog can’t hide their big secret, living in a world where everyone can hear your thoughts.

Caster Chronicles – Kami Garcia: A supernatural love story where the time is very, very important.

The Grisha – Leigh Bardugo: Loads of handsome boys fighting over a plain, but powerful, girl who has the power of the sun.

The Hybrid Chronicles – Kat Zhang: A world in the future where losing your soulmate is much more important than finding her.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Laini Taylor: Angels, chimeara and kick-ass, funny humans all in a pretty package with crazy colored hair.

Under The Never Sky – Veronica Rossi: Living under a dome makes you ill prepared for the outside world.

Summer Trilogy – Jenny Han: Truly living for the summer and falling in love.

Matched Trilogy – Ally Condie: The Society tells you what to do, but when you might want to get married to a different boy, Society falls apart.

Abhorsen – Garth Nix: No one stays dead in the Old Kingdom.

These are our very helpful little summaries. Go click through on the links to learn more about the books and vote right here!

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