Remember a few months ago, when I wrote about how I was a wannabe runner, training for a 5k? Remember me also saying how I still preferred curling up with a book and chocolate afterwards instead? Well, that’s still true.

I had it all planned out: since my (running) condition wasn’t all that great (to say the least) I started to run with Evy (from 0 to 5k!) again. In ten weeks I should have been able to run 5k without any problems. There only was one catch: I actually had to go outside and run three times a week.

Of course this never happened. My ‘training’ looked something like this: at the beginning it was an awesome week when I actually ran three times. But I was also proud of myself if I managed to run twice or even once a week. Then I suddenly had to move, and well, May was kind of a busy month. Before I knew two weeks had gone by without going for a run. I slowly felt the pressure building up… How was I ever going to manage to run 5k within the forty-five minute time limit? Should I still run this 5k? Was I going to be the last to finish, all worn out, sweaty and tomato headed? I didn’t want to finish last!

No. It was best to cancel the 5k altogether. I mean, I did run sometimes, that was the point, right? Maybe I could sell my ticket. Unfortunately, (or should I say luckily?) my dear friend H. who signed up for the 5k as well, wasn’t having any of it. We were going to do this thing, like a boss.

running-like-a-girlI didn’t feel like a boss quite yet however. I still hadn’t run 5 km and according to start-to-run-with-Evy I was still stuck at lesson 10 (out of 27). With only two-and-a-half weeks left until the actual 5k, I did what I always do in moments of stress: I read a book. More specifically Running Like A Girl by Alexandra Heminsley. The perks of being of being a bookseller allowed me to read this gem for free. And it was worth it!

It’s a really fun read for everyone who loves running, and everyone who struggles to run. Since Alexandra – who now has ran several marathons – used to be like me, i.e. more interested in food than exercise, it was a bit of an eye-opener. For example, the vague feeling of shame and anxiety once you go out and run, because you feel like a complete idiot since you clearly suck way more than everyone else. Fun fact: no-one cares!

I don’t want to make my running ‘problems’ look bigger than they are. But I did enjoy reading the book and learn a bit more about running and just read a nice story about a woman who happens to really start enjoy running.

To make a long story short: the ladies run was yesterday, and my friend and I did it! Even better: I wasn’t the last to cross the finish line! I can run a 5k without Evy (who was one of the main hosts of the event by the way) even though I didn’t finish the 27 lessons! I have a medal now with a pink glittery heart! Yesterday I ran like a girl and it was awesome, yay!
Now back to my books again.


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