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Judy Blume just published her first novel for adults in a very long time and Buzzfeed got to ask her some questions.
While I was working on the novel, a writer friend of mine who was between books said to me, “You’re so lucky, Judy, because you get up every morning and you know exactly what you’re going to do.” At the time, I didn’t have the sense that it was five years. I spent five months doing research, which I adored because I had never done any research before when I wrote my books. It was all I wanted to do, but I realized I eventually had to stop researching and start writing.


Ali Smith’s new novel just won the Bailey’s Prize, so a great moment for the Guardian to ask what she’s up to.
“It is exciting to me that these two books that came through that experimental prize, are by us, are by women,” says Smith.

Emily St. John Mandell answered questions from her fans over at Reddit.
No, I have no immediate plans for a sequel—I feel that I’ve said everything I wanted to say about the end of the world at this point—but I’ve been thinking about writing the comic book script for the Dr. Eleven comics, and I think I’ll probably reuse some of the Station Eleven characters in future books.

It’s been a while since Tenth of December, but George Saunders is keeping busy with reading stories for 24 hours straight.
In my twenties, I did everything so illogically. I had this really nice engineering job that I quit. And why did I quit? So I could be more like Kerouac and kind of bum around the United States.

Chuck Palahniuk is venturing into comics with his sequel to Fight Club.
“He started telling me stories about everyday dishes that people bring dog and cat crap in. It’s completely made him stop stealing people’s lunches out of the refrigerator. People would bring crap in, then carry their lunch in the next day in the same container. I was appalled by these stories. It got me thinking about a funny short story. I have yet to write the ultimate poop story, but it makes all my friends laugh…”

Sophie Kinsella’s YA debut, Finding Audrey is coming out this month. Bustle asked her some questions about her new novel.
Obsessions have always been a part of my writing, and I love giving obsessional traits to my characters. Everyone has flaws and goes through issues in real life, and I like to reflect that in my writing.


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