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We understand how busy you are and how difficult it is to keep up with all the book news that’s being thrown at you every day. To make your life a little easier, we’ll compound the most important bits into 1 blog post every week, exactly telling you what you need to know. Please don’t worry your pretty little head about the possibility of propaganda or censorship. We’ll do that for you.

Kelly Link got to write the introduction the 75-year edition of The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. You can read it at Guernica without buying the book, but you really should anyway.


Combine your love of books and board games with this list of the best literary games around.

Buzzfeed is preparing you for summer with these new books. There’s also the New York Times summer list, with this addition of non-white authors.

Huffington Post lists 10 innovative authors that are shaking up the literary world.

Hilary Clinton has a comic book to help with her campaign.

Rebecca Makkai found the most helpful one star reviews.

Jeff vanderMeer is working on a novella that takes place right before Area X was created and you can already read a part here.

The Atlantic delves into the mystery of The Hardy Boys by taking a better look at the invisible ghost writers behind this and other popular series.

The Millions looks into the dangers of Florida and why it is often chosen as the place for an apocalypse.


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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