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Catie Disabato wrote The Ghost Network and is a big Taylor Swift fan. More reasons to read her book!
I’m a Tay superfan and her newest album came out during the final stages of my last edit, and listening to Style, my idea of Molly Metropolis’s sound clicked into place. I’ve been into outrun electro since we all got into it when the Drivesoundtrack came out, and I love the way Tay (& producer Max Martin) mix it into pop here. If someone asked me what a Molly Metropolis song sounds like, I’d play them this song.


Jessica Hopper wrote a book called The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic and The Hairpin interviewed her.
I’m really fortunate that I work with cool people and young writers. And especially when I was working at Rookie, that was basically all we covered—young music, young bands. When young people are excited about stuff they tell me about things. I really love that.

Expect to see a lot more Jami Attenberg until her book comes out. She wrote for Buzzfeed about her 15 minutes of fame.
This is the absolutely true story of how I lost my bike, found my bike, got internet fame, and then watched it fade away — all in three days.

Mat Johnson talks about his new book Loving Day and having a mixed identity.
I prefer to call myself The Mullah of Mulattoes, thank you. When I was kid, if you were part black, you were black, end of story. And if you protested you were an Oreo, a sellout. Slowly, as an adult, I started growing warm to mixed identity, as being a healthier way of self-definition. But there are still several things I was uncomfortable about. I needed to work through that. I needed to do it publicly, and through story.


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