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We understand how busy you are and how difficult it is to keep up with all the book news that’s being thrown at you every day. To make your life a little easier, we’ll compound the most important bits into 1 blog post every week, exactly telling you what you need to know. Please don’t worry your pretty little head about the possibility of propaganda or censorship. We’ll do that for you.

Actor Matthew Lewis, who you will know as Neville Longbottom was the talk of the town when he appeared shirtless on the cover of a magazine. J.K. Rowling had a little something to say about this.


The Oyster Review made a primer to the work of Jonathan Lethem.

The Paris Review created a new video series about publishing the first novel where authors talk about how they managed it and got through it.

Well, the book club wanted to read a long book this summer and luckily it’s the year of long books according to Vulture.

The house where The Great Gatsby was written is now for sale. Anyone have a couple of millions lying around?

Flavorwire lists the best trashy beach reads for this year.

Still looking for the perfect Butterbeer recipe? CookFiction collects all the recipes from fictional works just for your pleasure.

At The New Republic Shaj Matthew makes the case for Avant-Garde literature resembling conceptual art.

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak might write a book together about their somewhat strange relationship.

George R.R. Martin responds to outrage over the Game of Thrones TV plot lines.

And then some publishing news. Part 2 of The Ember in the Ashes found a home, while Jeff vanderMeer is working on his newest novel Borne, set to come out in 2016. John Scalzi beats all of them though with this 3,4 million dollar deal for 13 books.

Author Jeff Kinney is opening a book store that will include at least a quidditch field, a kitchenette with juice boxes for kids and beer for adults and a secret passageway. I’m in.


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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