“It’s our nature. We destroy. It’s the constant of our kind. No matter the color of blood, man will always fall.”

17878931What is this book about?

Society is split up in two kinds of people. Either you are silver, with silver blood and special abilities and higher up the food chain or you are a red. Being red is being like you and me. Boring red blood when you bleed and no special powers whatsoever. Mare Barrow is a red and a thief, but when circumstance brings her into the royal palace she finds out she is more than just that. She is red, but with the powers of a silver. With the ability to control lightning and electricity, she finds herself leading a double life and heading a rebellion to overthrow the silvers. Of course there are two handsome princes as well, ready for a love triangle.

Why is it boring?

I’ve heard this story before. A society based on color is nothing new and the story does follow a pretty typical YA fantasy arc that will evolve into a series. Nothing very exciting to see here.

Who would you recommend it to?

If YA fantasy is your thing, then don’t miss this book. It’s not the best one you can read, but Aveyard is a good writer and knows how to tell a story. I was very entertained throughout, so I would also recommend it if you are looking for an easy, but exciting read.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

I listen to a lot of YA audiobooks and with all the hype around Red Queen, I got very curious. I thought it was going to be either amazing or terribly bad, but it turned out to be neither. After reading it, I wasn’t necessarily annoyed by the book, as I liked listening to it and didn’t grow bored or cringe over the stupidity of the characters. Not even close. Red Queen is good. The characters are realistic, the romance is cheesy and somewhat predictable, but none of it is ever bad. The world Aveyard created was also interesting and something I wanted to know more about. But with all of these things I do keep thinking, It’s realistic, for a YA novel, it’s good cheesy, for a YA novel. I keep excusing the book for not being great, because it is a YA novel and that is not something I should apologize for. So this book brought me into a bit of an artistic conundrum, which is good in it’s own way. This is a roundabout way of saying that I thought this book could be better. As I said, Aveyard is a good writer and storyteller and the world she created is very interesting, but the story is so safe and predictable that it just made me go meh. The book has so much potential, but did nothing to rise above the stereotypical YA books that are being published every day. So I don’t really understand why this one is being hyped more than the others. To me, this book could have been a Leigh Bardugo, but instead it turned out to be a Marie Lu. I’m still going to read the next part though, because I can’t help but get involved in love triangles and political plots, no matter how cheesy they are.

Rating: 3/5

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