Every week we share the newest books with you through our Unopened Book posts. There are so many amazing books being published and we have been looking for a better way to share these with you. Well, we think we’ve found it!

We believe that there is not much better than getting a good book delivered right to your doorstep. Everyone loves getting mail and when this is bookish mail, we love it even more. Because of this we’re launching our very first book subscription! By subscribing to this, you’ll get the newest of the newest books send to your home once a month. This will be a new read, freshly pressed, only barely in the store and so shiny it will make you go ‘ooooh’. In honor of that feeling and for all the amazing books being published every day, we’ve named it our ‘ooooh shiny!’ book subscription. We dare you to say that without smiling.


Now down to the details. We pick a new book every month that was published no longer than 30 days prior. This way we ensure that the book is new and hopefully that you do not already own it. Our Oooh Shiny! pick will remain a secret until it arrives at your door. Go on and grab it right out of the mailman’s hands and rip it open to see what secrets our package holds. Don’t forget to thank the mailman though, he’s just doing his job. We’ll be picking books that we think are interesting or exciting and that we think you will like. Control freaks might not enjoy the surprise, but just think about all the books you might discover by trusting us. We might just give you your new favorite book of all time.

We have two versions of Oooh Shiny! One for ‘adult’ readers and one for our ‘YA’ readers. You can order one or both, whatever tickles your fancy. The subscription works on a monthly basis, so you can order one when you feel like or wait it out a month if your piggy bank is feeling a little empty. But be sure to order on time! We’ve set a deadline for ordering our inaugural book subscription, so if you want to be the first who gets our very first book subscription, make sure you order it before the 3rd of June. We’ll be shipping the books in the second week of June, just in time for your vacation plans.

For now our subscription will just be available in the Netherlands, but if any international book lovers are interested, please let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Now go over to our shop and order those bad boys!


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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