All the book news you need to know, on a need-to-know basis.

We understand how busy you are and how difficult it is to keep up with all the book news that’s being thrown at you every day. To make your life a little easier, we’ll compound the most important bits into 1 blog post every week, exactly telling you what you need to know. Please don’t worry your pretty little head about the possibility of propaganda or censorship. We’ll do that for you.

The cover for Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On is revealed and I can’t wait to get my hands on that thing!


Hillary Kelly makes a stand for bringing back the serialized novel. I myself am still a fan of the Netflix model for publishing. No more waiting!

Thought Catalog made a list of 24 books that can change your life.

Pop music might just be trying to kill you, at least according to these books.

It was Earth Day last week, so Flavorwire shared a list of books that will make you an environmentalist.

Murakami wrote short stories for advertisement’s sake and somewhat took the time to translate these. Take a look.

The audiobook of Harper Lee has a narrator!

What are the most memorable animals from literature? Would you look at this handy infographic we found.

Electric Literature compounded the most used short story titles so you will not make the same mistake.

Are we maybe Binge Reading? Over at The Morning News the evidence seems stacked against us.

Goodreads now offers audio samples so you can immediately buy the audiobooks throught Amazon.


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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