From the author of Boy A and Cham comes The Story of Stories, the story of Jesus Christ told from the perspective of the disciples. The Tongues of Men or Angels centers around the question who Jesus really was, the harmless Messiah or a aggressive rebel? Trigell attempts to answer this question, by writing about Jesus and Christianity from different perspectives.

First of all the book is well written. It has a lot of beautiful sentences and it reads quickly, but I don’t see how this story adds something new to the range of stories that already exist about Jesus. I do think Trigell finds an interesting way of telling the story, using a lot of shifts in time, moving between Jesus’ life before and during the crucifixion and the aftermath, but all in all it doesn’t really add a new perspective to the already vast body of work surrounding this specific event. The book itself is very angry and Trigell writes about how a lot of people lose their mind while preaching the words of the resurrection of Jesus.  Apparently there are some ‘controversial’ twists in the novel, but to find them you have to know more about the bible than I do. It’s definitely a book for people with this specific interest, because otherwise all the work Trigell put in the historic and religious details goes to waste.

So, no I didn’t really like it. It was a nice and quick read, but not really something for me. If you like a ‘new’ take on the story, definitely give it a try. Jonathan Trigell is a good writer after all.

Written by Charlotte de Heer
This review was written for American Book Center’s You Review. The advanced reading copy of The Tongues of Men or Angels was gracefully provided by ABC.


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