This week in our adaptation corner: The trailer of Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, Ant-Man and Parisiennes and then some news!

In Adaptation News: The team behind The Hunger Games movies is veering away from YA and into classic-territory. Their next project will be an adaptation of The Odyssey.

George R.R. Martin has found more distractions to ensure he won’t finish the next GoT novel in 2016. He’s now working with HBO on a TV show about a science fiction writer.

The cast is amazing. I don’t even care what the movie is like. Ron Swanson and Mrs. Coach. I’m in.

This first look at Ant-Man includes Lily Evangeline with a horrible haircut and a whole bunch of ants.

Parisiennes is the work of Japanese Author Kyoko Murakai who goes to Paris to meet 6 completely different women there to find inspiration for the main character of her newest book.


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