June is short story time again! We have two short story collections for you to pick from for our June reading.

17593972Things You Should Know – A.M. Homes

In this stunningly original collection, A. M. Homes writes with terrifying compassion about the things that matter most. Homes’s distinctive narrative illuminates our dreams and desires, our memories and losses, and demonstrates how extraordinary the ordinary can be. In these beautifully written stories, we find shape-shifters, children running headlong into the darkness of adolescent sexuality, a man passionately wanting to live but not knowing how. And, most important, we find ourselves.

An expert literary witness, A. M. Homes takes us places we would not go alone and brings us back — always with uncanny emotional accuracy, wit, and empathy. She is one of the master practitioners of American fiction, and Things You Should Know is a landmark collection.

6436601Tunneling to the Center of the Earth – Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson’s characters inhabit a world that moves seamlessly between the real and the imagined, the mundane and the fantastic. “Grand Stand-In” is narrated by an employee of a Nuclear Family Supplemental Provider—a company that supplies “stand-ins” for families with deceased, ill, or just plain mean grandparents. And in “Blowing Up On the Spot,” a young woman works sorting tiles at a Scrabble factory after her parents have spontaneously combusted.

Southern gothic at its best, laced with humor and pathos, these wonderfully inventive stories explore the relationship between loss and death and the many ways we try to cope with both.

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  1. Cathy Fraser

    Things You Should Know looks like a great short read. I love your site name too, sometimes in our club I feel exactly that way! This month we are reading the best read for our club in a while, J Morgan McGrady is the author, her book It’s a Ball is the funniest read I have come across in a while, Great club read to lighten things up!

    • mm

      Good to hear, because our book club voted for Things You Should Know as our book club pick for July! We’ll definitely take a look at It’s a Ball as well. Thank you for the recommendation and also the kind words about our club!