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We understand how busy you are and how difficult it is to keep up with all the book news that’s being thrown at you every day. To make your life a little easier, we’ll compound the most important bits into 1 blog post every week, exactly telling you what you need to know. Please don’t worry your pretty little head about the possibility of propaganda or censorship. We’ll do that for you.

Do you wonder what the appeal is of Jane Austen? This article delves deeper into her popularity.

Lots of new literary internet presence! Buzzfeed launches a literary magazine  and this is a  literary food blog. Amazing combo!

All of Portland’s literary landmarks in one place. This will make for a great trip!

Take a look at the writing space of Rachel Kushner, Tom McCarthy, Adam Thirwell and others!

The summer home of T.S. Elliot might be turned into a writer’s retreat. Sounds pretty amazing to me!

Do you want to write that new dystopian YA novel, but you’re not sure what the dystopia should be? Well, there’s an online tool for generating dystopias so you don’t have to think about it at all!

The Tournament of Books has claimed their winner! The last match was between Station Eleven and All The Light We Cannot See. Curious to see who won?

If only this writing tool actually existed. We would all have about a thousand memoirs.

Finnigans Wake is being set to music and you can already listen to some snippets of it. Will this make it easier to understand? We say no.

Bustle made a list of YA romance novels feminists will swoon over.

A medieval manuscript might contain a cure to a hard to treat disease. Who says books aren’t good for more than just reading?


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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