Our May book club will be a week earlier than usual, so we thought we’d make it easy by picking two short novellas. They might not have a lot of pages, but they do pack a punch. Curious to see what you can vote on?

541252Who Will Run The Frog Hospital – Lorrie Moore

Berie Carr, an American woman visiting Paris with her husband, summons up for us a summer in 1972 when she was fifteen, living in upstate New York and working as a ticket taker at Storyland, an amusement park where her beautiful best friend, Sils, was Cinderella in a papier-mache pumpkin coach. We see these two girls together – Berie and Sils – intense, brash, set apart by adolescence and an appetite for danger. Driven by their own provincial restlessness and making their own (loose) rules, they embark on a summer that both shatters and intensifies the bond between them.



89724We Have Always Lived in The Castle – Shirley Jackson

Living in the Blackwood family home with only her sister Constance and her Uncle Julian for company, Merricat just wants to preserve their delicate way of life. But ever since Constance was acquitted of murdering the rest of the family, the world isn’t leaving the Blackwoods alone. And when Cousin Charles arrives, armed with overtures of friendship and a desperate need to get into the safe, Merricat must do everything in her power to protect the remaining family.




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Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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