“We should hang out sometime is so perfect because it’s nearly impossible to say no to.”

We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a true storyWhat is this book about?

At 25, Josh realizes he’s never had a girlfriend, not counting the girl he dated for 23 hours in eight grade. Instead of wondering why this is, he sets up a plan to meet with all his ex-crushes and ask them what happened between them and why they never dated him.

Why is it boring?

The concept of the book has been done before. A boy or girl goes back into his or her past to figure out what is ‘wrong’ with them. So no points for originality there. But as you can see on the cover, this is a true story, embarrassingly so, and that peaked my interest!

Who would you recommend it to?

If you like contemporary YA that will inspire you, even though the whole story is super awkward, then definitely go buy We Should Hang Out Sometime. This book is a less creepy version of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and considering the idea of this book, that says a lot.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

I thought I knew my Youtubers, but I was sorry  to say I’d never heard of Josh Sundquist. He’s a motivational speaker, a Paralympic ski racer and all-round famous person. At the start of the book you’ll learn that Josh has lost his leg up to the hip, because of cancer. He wears a prosthetic sometimes, but prefers not to. He’s a Christian and seems to be a very positive kid, despite of what happened to him. This is what I loved about Josh and this book. It would be so easy to drown in misery, but he has set harsh rules for himself to ensure he’s not a burden to the people around him. He sticks to these rules, not realizing how hard he’s being on himself because of it. This book could fall into so many other traps as well, turning it into a rom com, having him end up with the beauty queen and live happily ever after. Instead this book is definitely cute, but so much more recognizable and honest about being a teenager, with or without a disability. My favorite part is where Josh has a stalker and seeing her do all these creepy things, he realizes that he has been that creepy person to girls himself and that all displays of affection came come across as creepy if you’re not into it. This book is filled with gems and the easy writing style will make you turn page after page. I found myself rooting for Josh constantly, wanting him to finally get to the girl, and when he does at the end, the few lines he dedicates to it are going to melt your heart.

Rating: 4/5

Review Copy attained through Netgalley with special thanks to the publisher Little, Brown Books.

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