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Game of Thrones is not only a hazard to its readers’ health, but also to these Icelandic ghosts. Justin Taylor will explain to you why.
So the goats were alums, not victims, of Game of Thrones. As an Iceland-phile and a nerd (which may well be saying the same thing twice), I regarded this as very good news. But what was the deal then with this extinction thing?


A while ago we posted about Michelle Tea’s memoir ‘How to Grow Up‘ and last week she shared the music that accompanied the writing with Largehearted Boy.
“Money”/The Flying Lizards
I can’t buy $900 leather hoodies without it.

Daniel Handler has been interviewed a lot about his new book We Are Pirates, which sounds like a lot of fun.
When I was in high school, everyone had to take a career test and check off careers they were interested in.  Every possible career was listed, but I convinced everyone in my homeroom to check “other,” and then write in “Pirate.”  For years I thought about what sort of people would try to be pirates nowadays in America, and when I realized it would be teenage girls and the denizens of an old age home, the novel truly began.

David Duchovny wrote his first novel Holy Cow, of which you can see the trailer here, but did you also know that he loves Dept. of Speculation. A man after our hearts.
That’s a good one. Let’s see.… I’d definitely recommend Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill. That was a total surprise because I had never read anything by her. And I thought it was completely original and very sad, very moving. Very smart. Very beautiful.

And lastly, new fiction by Alissa Nutting over at Guernica. Go read The Transparency Project.
After college, Cora found it hard to get a well-paying job. Amidst stints as a waitress, a bartender, a barista, she came across a few medical testing gigs at a local research facility. Usually, these paid a few hundred dollars and required her to put a cream onto her skin that sometimes caused a rash and sometimes didn’t, or to put drops into her ears that caused variable levels of itching and/or burning and then required her to rank the intensity of itching and/or burning on a numerical scale.



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