We all know a lot of movies and shows are based on books and comics, so isn’t it normal to be excited when that adaptation of your favorite piece of fiction is coming to the big or small screen? Sure, it can be disappointing, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be watching! This love/hate relationship will probably never change, so let’s just enjoy some trailers while we’re at it. We’ll share the newest trailers of TV and movies based on bookish stuff that we find interesting or awful or funny or just plain weird.

We have Hannibal season 3, The Man in the High Castle intro and David Duchovny talking about his newest book!

Take your first look at Hannibal season 3. Are we excited yet?! Of course we are!

Amazon is turning Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle into a series. This opening sequence is eerie as fuck, so we’re curious!

And then we have David Duchovny talking about his new book Holy Cow. He’s still charming as hell, even though he got really old.


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