Are you interested in the thoughts and lives of the bookish people of today? Don’t look any further and read the best interviews of the week.

Roxane Gay talks to Salon about feminism, Bill Cosby, race and Lena Dunham among other things!
I think that women are held to unreasonable standards in almost every realm, whether it’s the personal, the professional or the political. And so we’re either doing something right or we’re doing something wrong and often we’re doing something wrong because the standards for what we’re doing right are so desperately unrealistic.


Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel is being turned into a show, because all the best books become shows instead of movies now. Hilary writes about the experience of having her work adapted for The Guardian.
To do that, I had to accustom my inner eye to bare underfurnished rooms, where possessions are kept in chests, and floors are strewn with rushes, and turkey carpets glow on tabletops in the houses of the wealthy. I needed to wear, in my imagination, fresh linen, heavy draping wool, damask and diamonds. 

We love it when short stories are available for free! Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s newest story Olikoye is up on Medium right now.
How softly the rain fell that Monday morning when my water broke. Because I was used to the raging downpours of Lagos, this quiet patter calmed me, filled me with peace. My husband Omoregie was at work and so our neighbor took me to the hospital, my dress slightly damp, my heart full of expectation. My firstborn child.

Kiese Laymon wrote an essay called We’re Not Good Enough To Not Practice.  Really good writing advice right there.
Be driven. Be curious. Write to connect. Write to explore. Write to make sense of that which you don’t know or remember. Write to discover. But never think something is good just because you wrote it.

Besides talking to Hilary Mantel, The Guardian also asked some authors what they love to re-read. There are many cool authors in there, but I picked this quote by Geoff Dyer.
The exceptions are rather surprising: I’ve reread On the Road and Tender is the Night a bunch of times, always fearing that they will fall short of my teenage infatuation – but they never do.

Jennifer Niven talks to Kirkus about her newest book All The Bright Places.
I loved the challenge of writing a male character, and Finch’s voice came out strong, right from the get-go. I’ve known many people who have dealt with his issues—one boy in particular who was always trying to change himself outwardly because inwardly he felt so not at home, so out of place—and I was thinking about that when I started writing him.


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