“Was I like honey thinking it’s a small bear, not realizing the bear is just the shape of its bottle?”

julyWhat is this book about?

Cheryl is a strange lady. She has her own large set of baggage, that she brings to the story that would be enough to fill the entire book. But then her bosses ask Cheryl if she could temporarily take care of their daughter Clee. Cheryl agrees, moves into her bosses’ house and then finds herself in an increasingly strange relationship with the young girl.

Why is it boring?

If you don’t like a book about a vulnerable woman with a lot of weird feelings, than yes, this book is boring. If you like reading about the internal life of a woman seeking  love in strange place then this might be a read for you. There is a lot of ‘crazy’ in the book as well. Think of strange role-playing and a psychiatrist who acts like secretaries to engage in a role-play with an another psychiatrist, yup! A whole lot of crazy!

Who would you recommend it to?

Did you like Miranda July’s earlier work? Then this is a must read for you! I really like her short stories and this  novel is definitely a step further into the typical Miranda July’s crazy wonderland. This is also a recommendation for people who like their books to be out of the ordinary and enjoy strange, quirky characters.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

It’s a well written book and once engaged in the strange world of Cheryl, you cannot stop reading. The book is so strange and goes places you never saw coming, which makes it hard to actually describe. Instead, just go buy it and follow Miranda July on this very strange, very odd journey. And if afterwards you’re craving more of The First Bad Man, go visit the website and buy that broken vase you’ve just been reading about!

Rating: 3/5

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