Time flies when you’re reading loads of books I guess, because it’s 2015 already! And what would the start of a new year be without reflecting on the old one?  Although 2014 in all its bookishness started off somewhat shaky with the fall of Polare and the question whether some bookstores would survive because of that. Although the first couple of months, in that sense, were quite nerve-wracking, luckily many bookstores survived anyway and could call themselves independent again.


Apart from that 2014 was also the year I started doing other bookish things: writing for this blog for instance and writing book reviews: something I still find challenging. But it’s all good fun so yay!

I also bought many books this year, which I will refrain from counting because although books make me happy, I think it is best if I don’t know exactly how much money I spent on books. While I am typing this I am looking at quite a big to-read pile that also has quite some books that were only bought like, last month (although some of them were also gifts). But, don’t’ worry! I have decided (thanks to a certain someone from Bored to Death book club) to challenge myself: I won’t buy any new books (for myself that is) until I have read twenty books. I can do this, I swear.

What else did I do in 2014… Well I also read more children’s and picture books thanks to cute and lovely Mohamed, who, thanks to the VoorleesExpress, I read weekly to. I also read more Young Adult literature and, thanks to blogging about (and then for) Bored to Death book club, we decided to organize a Young Adult book club as well. Because why the hell not, right?

There were also some bookish things I didn’t accomplish this year. Or maybe one. That being my Goodreads Reading Challenge: at the beginning of 2014 I challenged myself to read 75 books, but unfortunately, I ‘only’ read 65 this year. I got a bit distracted by moving out in August and getting settled, meeting up with friends and – barf – falling in love. I guess sometimes cliches are meant to be cliches so I’m not going to try to tone it down a bit, but yes, I guess the latter is still quite a distraction. But no worries, I’ve challenged myself to read 75 books this year instead, and so did he. So the only thing we’ll be doing together this year is read, read and read some more. Score! All I can say is, long live (bookish) love.

Anyway, all in all it was an awesome bookish year, and I’m very much looking forward to this year. If I’m honest, I would love to finish my book right now, but I can’t because I have to work in an hour. Sometimes, life can be tough. Especially if you can’t buy books (yet). Oh, just one more cliche: happy 2015!

Maritza Dubravac is our new columnist, writing about her bookstore life. Besides organizing the YA book club with us, she’s a mean cook and bakes the free tasties for those evenings. She also writes for Books & Bubbles, Hebban.nl about books and sometimes dabbles in food writing at Nadelunch.com.


Maritza Dubravac was Bored to Death’s very first columnist. She writes about her life as a bookseller, hosts the YA book club with us and is a mean cook. She also writes for Books & Bubbles, Hebban.nl about books and even dabbles in food writing as an editor for Nadelunch.com.

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  1. Elisabeth Snijder

    Go for it! And lovely to have a boyfriend, who also loves reading.