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My Year in Reading over at The Millions has started and in the first week many great authors have told about their favorite books of last year. We’re kicking off with John Darnielle.
So, see here. You’ve offered me the chance to give one book a little extra shine by publishing my thoughts about it. It’s a basic building block of my character to want to big-up something that may’ve gotten less attention than I felt it deserved, and I also tend to reach for something non-recent when asked for a recommendation. Recent stuff everybody can already hear about through all the usual channels.

Megan Amram is the funniest writer on Twitter according to Flavorwire. She wrote Science For Her, teaching ladies about science they need to know!
“My muse was one of my best friends, Marie Claire,” she jokes, “She is a beautiful woman who I’ve never seen in person but her magazine is perfect.”

The New Yorker talks with Charles d’Ambrosio aboot his newest collection of essays.
Most of the time I think of the self as a snare, and I don’t like being trapped in it. I try to reach out beyond my pittance of experience and connect to the world, but it turns out one way to do that is to be honest and accurate about my own life.

Kiese Laymon writes about how his Vassar College ID supposedly makes everything OK.
Two more condescending lessons from a lame armed with white racial supremacy, anti-blackness, a gun, and a badge. But at least I didn’t get arrested. Or shot six times.

E. Lockhart talks to Kirkus about We Were Liars. It’s been out for a while now, but it’s always nice to see her about!
“I don’t think young women should be required to be likable,” she says. “In fiction or in real life.”

Phil Klay talked to The Daily Beast in The Veteran Who Took Home The National Book Award.
War has a fascination to it. “Ten Kliks South,” the last story in the book, deals with that; the deep appeal that war has. If you’re not talking about that and thinking about it, then you’re not fully approaching the subject.


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