Are you interested in the thoughts and lives of the bookish people of today? Don’t look any further and read the best interviews of the week.

Katie Apple who wrote the wonderfully titled Vivian Apple at the End of the World talks with The Toast about post-rapture life (Vivian’s), her favorite Doctor Who reincarnation and winning the YA writers prize.
My one wish is that Steven Moffat would retire and let me take over. I feel strongly that I could write Doctor Who scripts that would do justice to the skills of this dreamy Scottish grasshopper.

Ali Smith’s latest novel How to Be Both is being compared to an onion in this interview with the NY Times.
The world asks us to be quickly readable, but the thing about human beings is that we are more than one thing,” Ms. Smith said. “We are multiple selves. We are massively contradictory.

Margaret Atwood turned 75 and Goodreads made sure they were there to ask her how she’s doing.
Here’s what I think is happening: Other people think I’m mellowing because I look like a kindly granny. I think they’re less scared of me. Also, they’re kind of used to me. Young women writers frighten people more if they are writing tough-ish books. Instead of thinking, “Will this nice old lady maybe give me a cookie?” they’re thinking, “If I go out on a date with this girl, is she going to absolutely trample over me?”

Sally Green, author of our third YA book club pick #3, talked to Huffington Post and the crazy success she’s having.
Half Bad is my first novel so I didn’t expect anything at all. My dream was to get an agent and sell maybe a few hundred books. Now Half Bad is sold in 50 different languages and many countries and it’s wonderful that the story resonates with young (and not so young) people all over the world. In a way it’s giving me hope – showing me that people are people with the same issues and concerns wherever they live (and whatever age they are).

And finally, listen to Neil Gaiman read the worst Neil Gaiman stories his fans could write.


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