In the information jungle we live in, it’s hard to make the right choices. This weekly column will help you with that. I won’t be telling you what to read, because you get enough of that already. Instead I’ll be telling you what not to read, because these books are not worth your time.

2ajqudzStarting our book club we were afraid that everyone would wanted to read classics all the time, but thankfully everybody seems to like reading new and unknown books. I barely read any classics myself before starting the book club and still fail to do so. My book case is filled with untouched Russian novels. When I bought Crime & Punishment at a book store in St. Petersburg a guy came to me and asked: “Are you really going to read that in English? – I had a hard time reading it in my own language (Russian)” So I said: “Yes Of Course!”. But no, I haven’t picked up the book just yet and this was 4 years ago.

Why I barely read classics, you ask? There are so many books that are new, fresh and worth reading and I’ll never have time to read all the books I want to. Why add an endless list of classics to my to read pile? It’s all about time! Sometimes I dream of endless vacations where I can read all day long, but that’s just a dream. So to save myself the agony of looking at all the unfinished classics I found a one-sentence guide that sums op a lot of classics. So much less time-consuming.

I did start reading Anna Karenina a few years back, a paperback version with really tiny letters. I read until page 50 (I kept falling asleep while reading it) so I decided to put it away and right now I suggest you do the same. Why spend your time reading an 800 pages long novel about love and suicide when you can see the movie? Which is actually pretty good! And everybody knows -SPOILER- what happens in the end. Yes, she kills herself, jumping in front of a train.

If you don’t even have enough time to see the movie, you can also type in ‘Anna Karenina’ on Google and find a lot of essays and reviews on the book and movie.  You can find a summary of the book here and a one minute review (which seems to be 3 minutes) here.

Now you have time to read Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart or Family Life by Akhil Sharma. You’re Welcome!

Written by Charlotte de Heer. Book Club sister #1 with way too little time on her hands.


Charlotte de Heer is the oldest of the founding sisters. Even though she's too busy for her own good, she'll find the time to write about books she's reading and places she's going.

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