In the information jungle we live in, it’s hard to make the right choices. This weekly column will help you with that. I won’t be telling you what to read, because you get enough of that already. Instead I’ll be telling you what not to read, because these books are not worth your time.

The_Hitchhiker's_Guide_to_the_GalaxySo I am going to admit a guilty pleasure to you. I love love love The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie (the one with Martin “Watson” Freeman in it). When it came out in 2005 I went to the cinema three times to see it and after that I saw it a bunch of times at home as well. The last time I saw this movie was after a dinner with richly flowing alcohol. When everybody was leaving to go dancing I stayed at home to watch Hitchhikers Guide for the so manieth time, with another lazy friend, laughing again and again about jokes we had already seen ten times or more. Kind of sad right?

OK, but this column is not supposed to be about movies, it’s about books and so many people are going to hate me for this, but I don’t love love love The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books as much as I thought I would.

When I bought tickets for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy dinner organised by the lovely Bookish Banquet, I was determined to read all The Hitchhikers Guide books to be completely up-to-date on all the jokes and spoofs. It started out pretty good, but it got kinda boring somewhere around book number three. All the jokes were made and the new world explorations weren’t as clever as they were at first. So yes, I stopped reading. Instead of soldiering on, I watched the movie yet another time and closed the Douglas Adams chapter of my to-read pile for good.

So go see that movie, and put the books away. Not satisfied yet, because the movie doesn’t tell you the whole story? You can read everything about it here and here and a great list on the 35 things we learned from the books here.

Well, so long, And thanks for all the fish! Now you have time to read the new Amy Poehler book, Yes Please or the graphic novel Fun Home for our next book club.  You’re welcome!

Written by Charlotte de Heer. Book Club sister #1 with way too little time on her hands.


Charlotte de Heer is the oldest of the founding sisters. Even though she's too busy for her own good, she'll find the time to write about books she's reading and places she's going.

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