Most of you might not know the origins of our book club’s name, so we decided to put all of that right in January! Bored to Death is lifted from a short story written by Jonathan Ames, originally published in McSweeney’s, about a writer called Jonathan Ames who places a craigslist add to be hired as a private detective. Having absolutely no experience as a detective, craziness and dangerous experiences ensue. The story was turned into the short lived HBO-show Bored to Death with Jason Schwartzman as Jonathan Ames. Bored to Death encompasses the ennui with the literary world and the need for new experiences that we felt as well, so it was a match made in heaven! We won’t be reading that specific story as it’s very short, but we did think it would be fun to read one of Ames’ novels to get to know the man behind the name.


Wake up, Sir! – Jonathan Ames
Alan Blair, the hero of Wake Up, Sir!, is a young, loony writer with numerous problems of the mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and physical variety. He’s very good at problems. But luckily for Alan, he has a personal valet named Jeeves, who does his best to sort things out for his troubled master. And Alan does find trouble wherever he goes. He embarks on a perilous and bizarre road journey, his destination being an artists colony in Saratoga Springs. There Alan encounters a gorgeous femme fatale who is in possession of the most spectacular nose in the history of noses. Such a nose can only lead to a wild disaster for someone like Alan.



The Extra Man – Jonathan Ames
Meet Louis Ives: well-groomed, romantic, and as captivating as an F. Scott Fitzgerald hero. Only this hero has a penchant for ladies clothes, and he’s lost his teaching post at Princeton’s Pretty Brook Day School after an unfortunate incident involving a colleague’s brassiere.

Meet Henry Harrison: former actor, failed but brilliant playwright, and a well-seasoned escort for New York City’s women of means. He dances alone to Ethel Merman records, second-acts operas, and performs his scrappy life with the dignity befitting a self-styled man of the world. What can this ageless Don Quixote of the Upper East Side have to offer a young gentleman such as Louis? What, indeed. Well, the answer lies somewhere between the needs of an irascible mentor and the education of his eager apprentice…between cocktails on the Upper East Side and an even more intoxicating treat along the secret fringes of Times Square…and between friendship and longing.

Let us know which of these you’d like to read with us!

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Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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