In the information jungle we live in, it’s hard to make the right choices. This weekly column will help you with that. I won’t be telling you what to read, because you get enough of that already. Instead I’ll be telling you what not to read, because these books are not worth your time.

gone girl coverThe first book you can remove from you to-read pile is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. To start, this book was ‘hot’ two years ago, so you should have read it then instead of jumping on the bandwagon now that there is a movie. For the people that haven’t heard of the book, it’s a literary thriller about a girl gone missing (duh). There’s a really big police investigation to find out what happened to her. All eyes are on the cheating husband, but does cheating also make you a killer?

Based on the plot and genre I can understand that you think you want to read this book. It sounds pretty exciting, a real page turner and all that. But actually the book is only interesting because of the mystery, the final twist at the end to find out what happened to the missing woman. Supposedly it is well written (I didn’t read it two years ago, so I’m not starting now), because it got really good reviews. But then again, Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay for the movie herself, so the adaptation should be pretty worthy of the story. And when you can decide between a good adaptation and the original book, definitely go for the movie. Watching this story being told in 2,5 hours or reading it for 20, is a no-brainer. This way you will save a big amount of time which you can put into reading books that don’t have adaptations. But if you want to save even more time, I have something even better.

But because of the recent Fincher movie the whole internet is filled with reviews and spoilers. You can read about it here and here and here. Then also, the “it’s complicated” couple of the year – BJ Novak & Mindy Kaling –tweeted about the biggest twist of the book/movie. Well, they definitely made sure you don’t have to waste your precious time on Gone Girl any longer.

So now you can talk about it with your friends and family without reading the book or seeing the movie. Which will save you a lot of time to read other stuff like this months book club pick or Lena Dunham’s debut novel. You’re welcome.

Written by Charlotte de Heer. Book Club sister #1 with way too little time on her hands.


Charlotte de Heer is the oldest of the founding sisters. Even though she's too busy for her own good, she'll find the time to write about books she's reading and places she's going.

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