We already announced it on Facebook, but right now it is official: We are launching a YA book club together with Donner YA right in their store! Our first meeting will be on the 3rd of October at 19:00 and as is the Bored to Death book club fashion, you get to vote on what book you would like to read. Even though it is a YA book club, you don’t have to be a YA to join us. Everyone who wants to join is welcome, young or old. The discussion will be held in English and Dutch, so don’t worry if you only speak one of those languages. Most of the books we pick have also been translated, which means you can decide yourself which version you would want to read. More information will follow on Facebook after the book has been decided, but if you have any questions, just send us an email!

Together with Donner YA we picked three books that we would love to discuss during the first book club. It’s up to you which one we’ll read, so get to voting!

17210598The Bunker Diary – Kevin Brooks

This first book is a bit controversial. It won a literary award, but then got beat down in the press for being too violent and terrifying. Sounds like an interesting read to us! The Bunker Diary is about a group of  kids who are kidnapped and held in a bunker. The book is written from the perspective of one of the boys inside who narrates the horrors they have to go through. They don’t know why they were kidnapped and they don’t know what they have to do to get out. The book is described as a combination of Room and Lord of the Flies, so plenty of literary merit!


No Safety in Numbers – Dayna Lorentz12971664

The first installment of a trilogy, No Safety in Numbers tells the story of  four teens stuck in a shopping mall after a biological bomb has been found in the air vents. The mall gets closed off and everyone in it is quarantined, but when the people inside are getting sick and supplies are starting to get low, they find themselves in dire conditions. No one can go out, they are all stuck and this can have a very terrible effect on people. No Safety in Numbers is written from the perspective of four different kids, all dealing with this disaster in their own way.


17185379The Hit – Melvin Burgess

There is new drug on the market and everyone is talking about it. It’s called The Hit and it promises you an entire week of the most amazing things after which you pay the ultimate price: your life. When you take the drug you get only one week left of your life, but they promise you it will be the best week you will ever have. Our main character, Adam is tempted by this. His life feels like shit, his girlfriend doesn’t really care for him and his brother is gone, so what does he really have to live for? A lot according to his girlfriend, who takes it upon herself to show him.

So let’s hear it! Which book has peeked your interest? And if you have any other suggestions for the next book club, leave it in the comments!

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