18490619“Three years in, she still half imagined her no-longer-new job as temporary: she had no desk ornaments, had resisted even the temptation to claim a dedicated coffee mug. But on some level she realized that she wasn’t going anywhere, not in this economy. She sometimes looked for other jobs, halfheartedly. Part she was insulted that other jobs hadn’t sought her out.” 

What is this book about?

Think Girls mixed with Broad City mixed with Frances Ha and a large dose of depressing real life. Friendship is about Amy and Bev, two friends living in New York and trying hard at having a real life. Neither of them has their dream job, financial stability or anything resembling a grown up life and now that they are approaching thirty this is starting to be a problem. When Amy and Bev go house sitting for Sally, a rich lady who does seem to have everything (except a baby) things start to unravel.

Why is it boring?

It’s a book about upper class white girls who are having first world problems. This is definitely not a universal story and if you are not the target audience, you might be better off not picking this one up. The characters are extremely self-centered, ambitious but at the same time too lazy to actually make anything of themselves. It can be frustrating, especially if you can’t relate to the struggles of the main characters.

Who would you recommend it to?

Anyone who’s in their twenties/thirties and doesn’t have life all figured out. The lives of Amy and Bev are completely recognizable and their thought patterns about what they want to achieve, but how they don’t really want to work for it are excruciatingly familiar. If you ever find yourself in a slump because your life is not on track, read this and feel comforted by the fact that you are not the only one.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

Friendship tells a realistic story about what it is like to have a complicated friendship and to be kind of a failure in life. There is no amazing job waiting for you, friendship is not unconditional and when you fuck up you have to deal with the consequences. Gould deals with the idea of growing up and how getting to a mature age is not at all the same thing as having a mature life. The book does has its faults and personally I wasn’t a big fan of the idea that all women want to be a mother and that this somehow gives your life purpose, but I’m not  a thirty-something yet so what do I know? Friendship does do a great job at confronting a problem that a lot of people in our generation deal with, failure and the incapability of actually doing something about it. Besides the themes, the book is also funny and written with such ease that you will blow through it. This might be one of the more depression reads of this year, but totally worth it.

Rating: 4/5


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