We have already been hinting at our awesome summer surprise, but it is finally here! Meet our Boredom Box, a book box filled with awesome bookish goodies and two amazing books (both in English of course). The box is curated by Bored to Death book club and in it you will find two of our favorite books we’ve read this year. One of them will be signed by the author, so you will be able to swoon all over your special signed copy and sell it in an couple of years for ten times the price when the book and author get super famous.


But the Boredom Box is not only a great investment. It’s the best thing you can buy for yourself this summer and the best thing you can buy someone else! It’s an awesome summer gift and we promise it will be worth every euro. The contents of the Boredom Box will be kept under wraps until the 31st of July. On that day we will send out the boxes to anyone who ordered it and put a bunch of pretty pictures online to showcase to anyone who didn’t order it what they are missing.

For our first Boredom Box we have made only 20 copies, so it is a very special limited edition. We urge you to be quick and order the box without any hesitation, otherwise they might all be gone!

We ship the box to the Netherlands and most countries in Europe through our site. If you live in a country we don’t ship to through our form, please contact us through boredtodeathbookclub@gmail.com to set up an order and calculate the shipping cost.

If you don’t yet know what a book box entails or if you are curious about what kind of goodies you can expect, go take a look at Book Riot and Indiespensable. Book Riot and Powell’s also send out awesome bookish mail, but they are much more expensive to order if you don’t live in the US. That is were we come in, we’ve got you covered Europe! So get on to ordering right here and let us know what you think as soon as the box arrives!


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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