“He watched as Gabby’s face started to tremble, and then, the way the light hit, it was like her face itself was bending. Her chair skidded loudly, her neck thrown back so far that, in the darkness, it looked like her head had disappeared. For one terrifying instant, gone.”

What is this book about?

Megan Abbott’s new book The Fever is quite a scary one! The book is set in a town called Dryden and follows Deenie Nash, a high-school student, her brother Eli and their father Tom, who is a teacher at their high school. One day Deenie’s best friend has a very strange seizure and needs to be hospitalized. Soon, a mass hysteria follows. More girls get sick and people start to blame the HPV vaccinations all girls were strongly advised to get. But the book is not just a thriller about a scary and dangerous disease. It’s a story about  friendship and especially friendship between girls. It shows how harsh girls can be and how a new, different friendship can easily overrule a previous one.

Why is it boring?

OK, I’ll level with you. This book is actually the opposite of boring. It’s suspenseful, dark and kind of scary –  especially in the beginning. You have no idea what’s happening to the girls and what is causing the seizures. Is it the vaccine? A sick government conspiracy or something completely different? The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Who would you recommend it to?

The Fever is an interesting read for high-school girls and YA-lovers who like a noir touch. It’s also a good novel for people who like mystery and drama all together in one story! BUT if you think you don’t like YA, go read this anyway, because it’s an awesome book and you will get sucked in right away.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

For one, it’s like you’re in the head of an 16 year old high-school student who tries to find out what the hell happened to her best friend. Second, it’s seriously frightening – which is a very good thing in this case. Between all the fuzz the girls and the creepy illness, there’s also a lot of good writing about  family relations and friendships. It’s a very well-rounded book that keeps the human relations in mind when people are put under pressure. So go buy this book, turn out all the lights and duck under your sheets with a flashlight and start reading! (Ok ok, is’t not really THAT scary but he who doesn’t like reading like that?)

Rating: 3/5

We received an ARC from the publisher Little, Brown Company through Netgalley.


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