I’m scared of what the publishing world will bring me in the next couple of months. The industry is completely unaware of this and keeps churning out its books like nothing is wrong. But something is wrong, very wrong.  The unending cycle is pushing me forward into the end of an era, towards the end of two series of books I have been enjoying immensely. Soon they will publish the final novels.


Anyone who has read a series of books knows the bittersweet feeling to reading that final volume that will mark the end of your beloved characters. We all felt this uncomfortable sensation while reading the final words of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Happy to have the story finalized in the way Rowling chose, but oh so angry with her for even thinking about stopping to write about these characters. No matter how much you love the book or the actual ending, you will always be left with this feeling of wanting more. These people that you have gotten to know are now no longer there and will only live on in the imagination of others and fan fiction of varying qualities.

For me this ‘End of an Era’  business will happen to the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and The Magicians series by Lev Grossman. And even though the books are not out yet, I already created a list to ensure I’m ready for when they do after I have torn through the last installments in just one day. I advise you keep it close in case of a book-ending emergency.


Delve into something new
Nothing is better than to wipe out the past by losing yourself in something new. Find that other series that will send you into a reading frenzy or switch to a different medium altogether. I am by no means telling you to stop reading, but sometimes a change of pace can be helpful. Watch a movie or start following that TV show with dragons you hear all the cool kids talking about. God forbid, try to do some physical exercise. You get the point. Just find anything to distract you, but don’t come back crying when you have finished all six seasons of The Wire and don’t know what to do with yourself any more.


Find the Next Best Thing
This could be a similar book, recommended by the author, a friend or an awesome book club. Reading the Divergent series helped me get over finishing Siege & Storm. It was pretty good, but it didn’t send me into that same spiral of depression. And voila! I was cured. There are plenty of reading recommendations out there and be grateful when these don’t turn out to be as good as the original. You do not want this to turn into a vicious circle.


Write your own
Fan fiction is your new best friend. Don’t frown upon all the shipping between Draco and Harry, but rejoice in it and find yourself among people who feel just as poorly as you do that their favorite books have come to an end. Read your heart out, finding all the different coupling possibilities, but also write out any fantasies you might have if the book would continue.  What if you suddenly found yourself in Fillory? What if the Darkling fell in love with the Mother of Dragons. Your mind is endless, use it!


Watch the movies
But if you can’t deal with a new universe just yet, try finding other versions of the books. Everything is a movie nowadays. However, if you are as unlucky as I am and these are not available, I suggest following Tumblr blogs filled with images and quotes of the love you have now lost. Although if someone rich is reading this, I suggest funding mine and your favorite books into movies right now. Me and the other fans will adore you forever or at least until the movie comes out and we find out it sucks.


Stalk and kidnap the author until a new book is written
This one might not be the best idea, but if you are really desperate and none of the above has worked this could be your only option to get that fix again. You need to get back into that world, you need to know what happened after the story ends otherwise you would just rather give up on books altogether. I feel you, we’ve all been there. All I can do for you is urge you to keep the writer happy and to treat him or her well. Give them some cookies, good coffee and a comfy blanket. If the book turns out great, we’ll probably all thank you in the end.*

What books have left you believing you will never love again and what series are about to break your heart? Let us know in the comments!

*Please don’t kidnap any authors after reading this article, they will most likely not enjoy it and we will be held responsible. You kidnapping = no more book club. Do you really want that on your conscience?

Esmée de Heer is head honcho over at the Bored to Death book club website, writing the daily content and making sure the site stays up and running. She's one of the founding sisters of the book club and enjoys reading and giving unsolicited love advice.


  1. I watched the movie Vampire Academy a few days ago, thinking i would give it another shot after not really liking it that much the first time. I then got curious about how the story continued so i bought all six books of the series, read them all in four days, depriving myself of sleep and now feel lost. It was without a doubt my favorite book series and feel kind of heart broken. HELP.

    • mm
      Bored to Death book club

      Oh that is the worst feeling! I hope my tips might help a little. If you’re in need for a recommendation for a different series, just let me know!